Sunday, June 5, 2011

Of Thieves and Droids—Part Deux

On Sunday, we attended our friends’ annual Memorial Weekend party.  On the way there, we had to stop and find a wifi signal to hijack so Husband Fixture could post the final paper for his Master’s course, as we had been without the internet since Thursday.  Once completed, we had even more reason to par-tay.  (Yes, I spelled that correctly)

Our host had recently been inducted as an honorary member of a fraternity at his alma mater, so in addition to the usual crowd, his frat brothers attended.  Oh, how amusing it was to watch our dear friend try to keep up with the college boys.  My hubby and I were among the last few people standing at the end of the night.  Good times. 

The next day, we had to run out for a few things, including a new cell phone.  My phone ended up going for a swim the night before, and as they no longer make that phone, I’d have had to wait a few days for a replacement.  Yeah, not happening.  So I bit the bullet and upgraded to one of the Droid based phones, despite my total lack of interest in the, “there’s an app for that,” craze. But a few of my friends own these devices, so I knew I’d have help setting the danged thing up and using it. 

Then began what we now call the Hangover Redeux.  Basically, we invited a few friends to hang out at our place and nurse our hangovers while the kids ran rampant.  And a member of my personal Geek Squad helped me with my phone.  I’ve almost gotten the hang of it . . .    

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Of Thieves and Droids—Part One

First, an update: 

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you already know that Hines Ward won Dancing With the Stars.   Needless to say, I was thrilled.  Now we just need that blasted NFL lockout to end, so he can return to playing football.  

Memorial weekend was rather eventful.  The chaos began on Friday, where I was scheduled to work at the high school library.  I was pumped about this assignment until I arrived to find that a nearby road had been closed and several teachers and subs were going to be late or calling out altogether.  I was re-assigned to a Biology classroom.  As I was reading through the lesson plans, the originally scheduled sub walked in and relieved me. 

My next assignment was for an English classroom, and I actually enjoyed my day—until I went to grab my car keys out of my purse and discovered my wallet was missing!  I dashed back to the classroom (which was at the opposite end of the school from the office, of course) to check that it hadn’t fallen out of my purse or something.  No such luck.  I was telling one of the secretaries that I was going to check my car before filling out a report, and the principal overheard and offered to walk me to my car.  My wallet wasn’t there, either, so the report was filed. 

I dashed home, and began making the necessary phone calls.  Husband Fixture and I were fortunate that I had discovered the theft and were able to report it before any suspicious activity occurred on any of our accounts.    And since I had no cash in my wallet, they pretty much only got a nice Coach wallet out of the deal.  HAH!  Take that, you thieving bastard! 

Not to be deterred from enjoying our weekend, we packed the kids up and sent them off to Grandma’s so we could enjoy dinner and a movie with friends as planned.  Dinner was fabulous, but we did have another snafu at the theater.   The show we wanted to see was sold out, and so was the next one.  So our friend Todd checked the listings for a nearby theater on his iphone and we were in luck.  We parted ways, and I somehow ended up riding with Todd, despite the fact that neither of us knew how to get to this theater.   Mr. Todd’s Wild Ride ensued, as we zipped through traffic and ended up in a residential neighborhood a few streets over from the theater.  I also developed an even more vehement loathing for iphones. 

But we did get to the theater in time to catch Hangover II with the rest of our friends, and enjoyed it thoroughly.