Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hello, yeah, it's been awhile . . .

I confess that while there have been several goings-on in Brewmeisteria, it seems that as soon as I would catch my breath long enough to consider posting here, that something else would crop up—thus banishing whatever tendrils of thought that had begun to take root. Today’s post shall be a summation of the past few months’ events.

The Husband Fixture had a successful hernia operation at the same time a dear friend was having a cancer biopsy done. Thankfully, our friend’s operation went well, too. He still awaits conclusive results, though.

Princess Gingersnap began her youth cheerleading season in August, which involved five nights of practice per week until school began. Practices were then reduced to two nights a week, plus games on Sundays. Her last game was this past Saturday, and her team won the league championship for their division—happy days all around. She also enjoyed holding court at her annual birthday slumber party, which was an homage to her Glee obsession. I have to admit I was rather impressed with myself for pulling off the decorations and slushie cupcakes.

Prince of Distraction lived to see his twelfth birthday, though I would not place any bets on his continued existence. He remains unconvinced that his homework is important and will substantially impact his grades. Husband Fixture and I are, of course, working to disabuse him of these notions.

Other festivities of late have included the Halloween themed game night party I hosted. After several months of denials, I finally got selected to host one of the Houseparty.com parties. This one involved trying two (new to me) board games, Quelf and Logo. I must say that both were fun, though Quelf was definitely more fun to play while intoxicated.

And this weekend shall see me hosting one of my biggest events of the year. It will be my third annual Murder Mystery Event, about which I shall post separately. While I had hoped to have enough time this Thursday (my scheduled day off) to make final preparations, it seems I have more time on my hands than I could have anticipated. Poor Gingersnap has been ill for the past two days, so I took her to the doctor today. She has strep throat, so I’ll end up home tomorrow, too. Either way, I’m still counting down to the weekend.