Thursday, December 23, 2010

Unfit Santa

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon will be there . . .   The following article offers a new perspective on jolly ole St. Nick.

8 Reasons That Santa Claus is an Unfit Family Icon

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Facebook Fights

 I realize that the holidays are a stressful time for many people, but Aunt Jemima’s socks, people!   I swear if I see another couple airing their dirty laundry on facebook, I swear I’m going to go postal. Seriously, over the last month, I’ve witnessed at least five couples trash-talking each other in their statuses or wall-to-wall posts.  For the folks I don’t know well, it’s mildly entertaining, even soap-operatic.  But the better I know them, the more uncomfortable it becomes.

Most of the time, they’ll eventually overcome their nonsense and go back to posting syrupy sweet lovey-dovey comments, and all is well.  But  for some of them, I wonder how long that will last.  As a “hint” to some of those folks, my hubby and I started a fake facebook fight.  For those who know us best (and realize we keep our fights to ourselves), it would have been good for a laugh.  Alas, we did this at a time when no one seemed to be online, so it was a futile effort. 

So now I’m left to wonder whether to be the jerk who calls them out and tells them to stop acting like a bunch of adolescents,  un-friend them without explanation, or try to ignore the drama.  And NO, de-activating my facebook account is not an option.  I enjoy catching up with old friends and keeping touch with current friends.  It’s also very useful for event planning. Okay, and I confess I've gotten hooked on Farmville.   Besides, why should I punish myself for others’ misuse of the site?